About Us


Thobo Trust is an independent Trust that was founded by the Senwes Group in 2014, for purposes of facilitating the corporate social investments of the Senwes Group, in order to ensure effective and sustainable development of rural communities, throughout the Senwes Group’s area of operation, where the client base of the Senwes Group operates. Accordingly, in order to ensure sustainability of these areas, the Trust was mandated to focus on the Senwes Group’s area of operation.



Purpose of the Trust

The purpose of the Trust is to contribute to the development and sustainability of rural communities through education, food security, sport and infrastructure; which are some of the most important priorities that have been identified in the National Development Plan.

The Trust also serves the purpose of contributing towards the Senwes Group’s BBBEE status and credentials to ensure compliance with the BBBEE provisions as contemplated in the BBBEE Act 53 of 2003, as amended and the AgriBEE Sector Code of 8 December 2017.


Our Mission is to act as a catalyst of sustainable development in rural communities which conceptualises, initiates and supports community development projects that have a sustainable impact in improving the lives of rural communities, in consultation with relevant community stakeholders and other strategic partners.


Our vision is to see to sustainability in rural communities.

Unpacking the Vision:
Sustainability – a desirable future state where the living conditions and resource use meet the needs of the community, without undermining the social, economic and natural environment, and enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Rural –
Communities that are considered country, with small towns, and depend largely on agricultural activity. They are not heavily populated and usually do not have as many resources as the larger cities do.

Communities –
people living in places in and around areas that are primarily and predominantly agricultural, in the areas in which Senwes or any of its subsidiaries or joint ventures conducts business.

Nelson Mandela once said

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."